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I'm Kimberley Stakal: certified health-supportive chef turned food writer, editor, and recipe developer. I’m passionate about no-fuss, nourishing cuisine made with real foods, natural ingredients, vibrant colors, and loads of fresh vegetables.

When I'm not blathering on about the hundred ways to cook cabbage or the glories of eating a fresh herb salad, you’ll also find me writing about topics like wellness, sustainability, or lifestyle trends, and fine-tuning articles and copy as an editor and proofreader.

As a dedicated naturalist and student of conservation biology in a former life, I also volunteer regularly with local parks, gardens, and green spaces.

my food philosophy

I believe that eating well should be simple and uncomplicated, a pleasure and a joy. That it is something we learn with exposure, absorb with experience, and adapt to be our own over time, like learning to dance, sing, or ride a bike. I believe that eating fresh, delicious, food gives us fresh, delicious lives. Naturally.

Photo by Jennifer Kaye Photography
Photo by Jennifer Kaye Photography

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Summer slaws. Rose petal-infused honey. Dried flowers from the market. This and more in Kimberley's select clips.

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